Banking with Online Casinos!

It saves a lot time and frustration if you just go ahead and set up the tools and accounts you will need. This is a "Once and Done" kind of thing. You'll be glad you have it all in place when you start shopping for casinos to play at.

There are several E-Processors that are unique to online casinos. The days of freely using your credit card for gambling deposits are pretty much over. At least for the moment. {More below on this subject} 

PayPal, FirePay, Net Teller, Clear Chex, Western Union, Debit Cards, ACH Transfers, Onine Checks and SOME credit cards are the primary methods. 

Below we will tell you about the pros and cons of each. Which ones we recommend and why. We all like FREE MONEY and by utilizing certain methods, you can get a nice EXTRA Bonus on top of the Sign Up Bonus, just for using certain payment methods. Some favor one type over another and that's why it's nice to have them all set up in advance. Many of these processors can also be used all over the internet at numerous shopping malls and merchants. For example, PayPal is probably E-Bay's largest processor. 

Scroll down and we will try to help you to better understand how EASY it is to handle your banking with online casinos. 





         What's all the Fuss About?

Fair question! Especially if you are new to gambling at online casinos. In short, here's what happened. Credit cards have been the main funding tool used to make deposits for about 6 or 7 years. Although there have been some unscrupulous casinos that took advantage or went out of business taking some players deposits with them, the biggest problem lies with players that were, WELL, basically sore losers and or irresponsible use of credit cards! Some people racked their credit cards up to the limit and then couldn't pay the bill. As you can imagine, when it comes to money, people will go to great lengths to get it or in this case get it back. 

Since the product a casino offers is in essence the thrill of  making MORE money quick with a win, the enjoyment they got if they lost some money didn't have much value when the monthly bills started coming in. Let's face it, the internet is a big world with all types of people on it. Although most real gamblers are very honorable and take their losses in stride with the wins...there are some that want to "win even when they lose"! This is unique to online casinos. Land based casinos don't have to worry CHARGEBACKS! It's all cash on the barrel head, furthermore, if they allow you a house line of credit to gamble with...YOU WILL PAY IT BACK! Even a small percentage of these undesirables abusing credit cards is a lot when you consider the global impact of the masses! 

The collective irresponsibility of these people pretty much destroyed the use of credit cards for the rest of us. Again, some were justified. Had it just been these that charged back, it would have fallen within normal loss ratios to the Banks and not been the problem it is today. I am certain that many addicted gamblers could not resist the opportunity to finance their habit as well. Many huge losses were reversed in this scenario too. It also brought a lot of negative publicity to Gambling Online.

From our perspective, not being able to use credit cards shouldn't be a problem. As soon as Instant Debits from checking accounts became available, we hooked right up and quit using credit cards anyway. It was easier, just as fast and kept our credit cards safe at known entities. I personally feel that loosing this option only upsets people that were financing a bad habit anyway. So, the casinos will suffer some as result of not being able to get at all the money people were borrowing to gamble with, but you what, maybe that will be be better for the long haul. There are entirely too many online casinos that are under funded and this will separate the MEN from the BOYS! I think the Industry needs a cleansing anyway, and this may do the trick! At the same time, I very much feel that the United States Government has no business being involved in how Americans spend their money, but that's another story. 

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Banking Options

Below are the best ways to fund you casino accounts. In many ways, I MUCH prefer these over credit cards anyway. For example, using PayPal, Neteller and FirePay prevents your credit card info from getting into the wrong hands since only the processor gets this info. In many cases your winnings can also be paid to your Net Teller account unlike with credit cards. They are all easy to set up and your bank account can be verified with just a couple of days. From there, you can simply deposit right at the casino itself, the transaction will be instant and the processor will just process a debit directly from your bank account. 

We Highly recommend Neteller and FirePay for these reasons. Also, most casinos will give as much as 20% EXTRA, just for using one these methods. That's in addition to whatever new player sign up they have to offer! Neteller is far and away the best at the moment! See Below for a brief summary on each.

Firepay was an invention of the Gambling industry and Sure Fire Commerce, a conventional credit card processor. It worked very well for a while, but since the new coding rules came into play, FirePay has had to completely drop accepting credit cards as a method of depositing to your account. They still have an important role though. After confirming your checking account thru them, like Neteller, the money is made available instantly and your banking info private. We are trying to support FirePay since their MAIN FOCUS is on processing our gambling funds and not assorted other products. FirePay will not cost you a cent to use, so these two are really essential. Another good reason to set up FirePay is that it is a Canadian Based operation and is not subject to same rules and laws as a United States operator would be. As I mentioned, they were created for the purpose of being used to move money to and from Online Casinos, so this is a must tool for you to have.

NETeller connects Merchants & Internet Users by providing an immediate, secure and effective system to transfer Cash over the Internet! Very similar to FirPay. Quick Processor, Recommended.
Transfer Funds To and From NETeller Merchants or    Members
Withdraw funds from your NETeller Account
Large variety of deposit and withdrawal methods
Credit card information is kept private from merchants
Access and transfer funds, anytime from anywhere

Many casinos will pay the fees for you on Western Union deposits Plus give a bonus to boot. This is of course not the most convenient of all the methods, but depending on your location and personal situation, it may be your best. Western Union continues today to help consumers and businesses securely transfer money or make payments using money orders and other electronic systems. Consumers can quickly and easily transfer money to more than 117,000 Western Union Agent locations in over 185 countries worldwide - the largest network of its kind.

 Limited, but can help at some casinos. Mostly I-Global Media Casinos at the moment.


At the moment, PayPal is under siege by the United States. Although you can purchase from thousands of merchants by funding your PayPal account with Visa, M.C or American Express; in most cases you will not be able to pass a gambling related transaction thru the account by funding it in this fashion. All credit cards transactions are coded and there are stiff penalties for a casino and PayPal if they attempt to do this. Therefore, the simplest way to handle this is to just set up your PayPal account using your checking account. This is not your best option anymore, but things change pretty fast! They may get back into the game someday.

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